Singapore real estate market – A quick overview

Singapore luxury property

Singapore, an island city, located in South-east Asia is well known for its growth and developments.  After Independence, widespread land repossession has increased gradually and it is renowned for the drastic transition from the status of developing into a well-developed country in a sole generation. Continue reading “Singapore real estate market – A quick overview” »

Phnom Penh new homes – 6 things you need to know

Phnom Penh cambodia new homes

Phnom Penh is one of the largest cities in Cambodia acts as a central point of the country.  This city famous for its rich culture and tradition and became the capital city after the colonization of French people.  Promisingly, the economic, cultural and political development of this city has reached greater heights in the last few decades, making it act as a central hub. Continue reading “Phnom Penh new homes – 6 things you need to know” »

Condos for rent in Metro Manila – A quick review

Manila property

From foreign investors to local buyers there has always been steady growth and demand in Metro Manila real estate. In particular, there has been a great interest displayed by home buyers in the market of the condo. There are small condos in the heart of the city as well as luxury ones. Continue reading “Condos for rent in Metro Manila – A quick review” »

Luxury Condo Kamala

BaanThai is presenting new properties for sale: 4 Buildings Comprising of 70 Luxurious Suites in Kamala Phuket. Facilities include: – Swimming pool with jacuzzi & sun deck
, Spa and sauna therapy boutique
, Fitness centre
, Coffee shop
, Shopping place
, Wireless internet
, Park garden
, Security system with CCTV monitoring 
 and private access card. This luxury condominium development offers you tranquility from the outside, inside and in your surroundings. Continue reading “Luxury Condo Kamala” »

Luxury Property Analysis: Bali reaches high

Property in Bali

Bali reaches high: Much bigger in size than the other island resort destinations, Bali offers more variety in landscapes and types of location of property, be it inland, mountainous areas or beachside. Property in Bali seems to steadily appreciate in value and the tourism that supports the resorts and villa rentals business is enjoying steady growth. Continue reading “Luxury Property Analysis: Bali reaches high” »