Condos for rent in Metro Manila – A quick review

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From foreign investors to local buyers there has always been steady growth and demand in Metro Manila real estate. In particular, there has been a great interest displayed by home buyers in the market of the condo. There are small condos in the heart of the city as well as luxury ones. In the year 2018 more than 54000 condominiums were sold. This means that for all those looking to rent a condo in Metro Manila the options are never-ending.

Metro Manila is a place that draws investors as well as those hunting for a new profession. Given the scope, this metro is located in a country that is boasting a booming real estate market, with prices offered cheaper than most other states and unlimited amplitude for new projects. So, whatever be the deciding factors of a resident, one might find Condos for rent in Metro Manila quite a simple task.

There is a condo for everyone

The general perception of condominiums changes when one visits this metro. There is no limit to the design patterns. One gets to explore a wide variety while picking a condo for rent or even for sale. For all those with the notion that condominiums are just for the small families and the singles who are looking for compact accommodation market, the luxury condo market of Metro Manila comes as a whiff of fresh air. This is a growing market, and there have been several new additions. These are condos with elegantly done interiors and world-class amenities provided within the campus. For the family looking for luxury accommodation in a prime locality, these condos offer a high standard of living. Then there is the bigger market of small condos, who are on par with the luxury ones. These are some of the best budget-friendly options for all those moving to this metro for the first time. Those of who find it difficult to settle in, there are furnished condos that are very convenient to rent.

Where does the demand lie?

For all the new residents in Metro Manila, a safe option to settle would be to choose a locality where the rental demands are known to be generally high. These are the places where development is likely to double in leaps. So there is a high likelihood of finding all the essential facilities like schools and healthcare centers close by. This makes it easy to get to know the place and also conveniently adjust to the metro. The rents for the same sized condos might vary from one city to another. Most of the low budget condo rentals are scattered around Makati and Taguig, and these are also the places where the demand for rental homes is consistently high. For the younger folks looking for a place which is close to the malls and shopping places the Quezon City area is moderately priced. This is also a city that is close to most of the work sectors in Metro Manila.